Undead (cobain_x_grohl) wrote,

Listening to King Diamond needs a little getting use to.
Listening to him live versus cds and what not is totally different.

But its growing on me. Same with Cradle of Filth.

Ive been on sportingnews.com alot lately.
Its just a sports website and you read articles and comment on them. But if people dont know how to read it correctly or take it the wrong way they go bonkers up the wazoo!

Metallicas new album to say the least is better than Load,Reload, and St.Anger.
But it doesnt compare to the black album, kill em all, master of puppets, ride the lighting.
The closet probably is and justice for all.

Slipknot's new album is killer. It's a beast.
Sulfur is the best song on that album, and my new favorite song off the album also.

Machine Head I recently got into majorly and they are a beast. Except for their mid career, when they were that crappy nu-metal/rap metal crap!!!!

But the REDSOX lost last night. And i think that I know why.
ASHLEE took her RedSox cap off I know it. Because they were winning until the 8th inning. She probably took it off sometime that inning.

But like I said last night Honey why did you have to take the hat off during the game? It looks so wonderful on you and your my good luck charm. But I just want you period.
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